Peripera Mini Luggage Carrier Set Review and Swatches

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hello everyone! I'm sure most of you have been waiting for the review and swatches of this very pretty and cute mini luggage carrier from Peripera.

Korean Cosmetics are very popular with gimmicks and making cute packaging for their makeup and that's what I really love about them. They don't just look good but they are also of good quality.

I got really intrigued of this product because it's been causing a hype on Korean cosmetics lovers. Luckily, a friend sent this to me and made me giggle with joy so thank you very much to my friend, Christian Jay for giving me this very cute product that I couldn't afford myself. LOL.

So without further adieu, let us start the review (oohh, that rhymes)

This mini luggage consists of 5 cute products from Peripera. These products are only samples so you can buy each of these in a larger container, if you fell in love with the swatches which I did.

The luggage comes in two colors, yellow and pink. The colors are in pastel that's why I'm really in love with them. They also have these cute little wheels and a handle, just like a regular luggage and you can put the stickers as a design to your luggage.

The products inside are

  • Peripera Ink Velvet #2 (2.7g)
  • Peripera Ink Airy Velvet #5 (2.7g)
  • Peripera Vivid Tint Water #3 (3.5g)
  • Peripera Ink Concealer (4.2g)
  • Peripera Ink Multi-Shafowing (2.7g)

Ink Airy Velvet #5
I'm definitely in love with this lip color, it's like a pale pink that somehow matches my real lip color. It made it look like I wasn't wearing anything. Out of all the item that I had from this luggage, this was the first one that I got emptied because I really loved it. When it comes to the texture, it's really airy and helps smoothen your lips too so it's great and it's not heavy with the lips. I would definitely purchase the original size of this.

 This one almost had the same color as the first one, but it has a different and lighter texture than the airy velvet. What I'm not a fan of this product is that it's super watery, hence the name. It's getting all over the place unlike a regular lip tint, but it gives a very nice color and stays long I can say. It's also good for a no makeup makeup look.

Now this lip color is the brightest tone, it has a corally-reddish color and I love it. I don't put much of this product because it's very bright so make sure you don't go overboard with this one if you have the same skintone as me. It's texture is velvety and it has a very sweet scent which I love, the only problem is that you might lick your lips because of the smell.

First of all, I'm sorry for looking funny here, I'm just trying to show you the swatch unblended. So as you can see this is atleast 3 shades lighter than my normal skintone it's almost very white. What I love about this concealer is it doesn't crease, it doesn't move and it's very light on the face unlike other concealers. This one, I loved! And it's very easy to blend as well.

What's that? You can't even see the shade because it's so light. I think it's because this shade is meant for Korean Skintone and as you can see I have tanned skin  so it doesn't really show. I also think that this is meant to be a not heavy shadowing or shading cream but it doesn't really do much for me so this is the product I use the least out of all the five.


  • Good for traveling
  • Good addition to your collection
  • You get to try the samples of each product
  • Each product has a very good quality
  • You can re-use the luggage as a makeup case for traveling
  • It's so pretty!


  • You might lose some of the items because it's too small (this only applies to people like me who always loses things)
  • You might buy more from Peripera when you actually loved the samples LOL
  • The Ink Multi Shadowing is so light

Final Rate: 4/5

I gave it a 4/5 because I didn't see any flaw to this product, I mean how could you? It's very pretty. The only product that didn't work much for me is the contouring/shadowing one but I still use it sometimes.

Overall, this is a very cute product for those who are collecting cute products from Korea. Was it worth the money? Yes and no. Yes because you get to try the products and not waste some of it if you're not a fan. No because if you actually loved it, you might buy the original size of each sample which will cost you more money like me so that's a no. LOL.

Overall, I think Peripera is a promising product and I can't wait to try the variety of their products. Kudos to the creativity of their packaging, colors and quality of each product!

Let me know what product do you want me to try next on the comments below.

Till then, byieeee!!! ;)

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