Hi there! I'm Dawn, the owner of this page. My goal is to provide helpful reviews to people who find it hard deciding which product to buy. I am also still growing and learning the art of makeup and appreciating the magic of skin care. I believe that reviews are very helpful and I would love to be the kind of person that people rely on when it comes to these things.

Short description about myself. I'm morena, I am a believer of God and I believe that beauty comes from Him, through Him and we must use our beauty for Him. I love Makeup, Skincare, Kpop, I love Indie, I love Coldplay, books, cool movies and great Kdramas. Yes, my preferences doesn't match and they don't make sense. Haha.

Growing up I used to be insecure, I had a lot of flaws, freezy hair, huge hips, I used to have so many pimples but I realized that you have to embrace it because your flaws will not define you, but your good personality will. I still get insecure sometimes and I think it's normal for us girls. But it should never be our lifestyle, we must find a way to find the beauty within us nurture that. :)

So that's me. I hope I could here your stories and get to know new people. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!